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The Following Apps All use the Official Telegram Api. You may be asking why you should use these Telegram "Clones" Other than the Original App.

Best Telegram Premium Alternatives

These Telegram Clones actually Come with a lot more Functionality which the Telegram Official App May not be Offering or is Either Paid for on Telegram Premium.

All these apps are Available on Playstore Meaning they are all Checked by Google and Deemed safe for Your Device 

1.Plus Messenger

Plus Messenger is an UNOFFICIAL messaging app that uses Telegram's API

Plus Messenger is an unofficial messaging app that uses Telegram's API.

One of the best rated messaging apps on Play Store 

•More than 20 million downloads 

•Translated into more than 20 languages

•Many support groups in different languages 

Plus Messenger adds some extra features to official Telegram app: 

• Separated tabs for chats: users, groups, channels, bots, favorites, unread, admin/creator.

• Many options to cutomize tabs.

• Multi-account (up to 10).

• Categories. Create custom groups of chats (family, work, sports...).

• Categories can be saved and restored.

• Change default app folder.

• Different sorting methods for chats.

• Increased limit of pinned chats to 100.

• Increased favorite stickers limit to 20.

• Show floating notifications when users are online/writing.

• Select all chats and apply different options (read, mute/unmute, archive...).

• Forward messages without quoting. Edit message/caption before forwarding.

• Save documents using original name. 

• Copy selection of text message.

• Set photo quality before sending.

• Show user's bio in chat.

• Add time to floating date in chat.

• Start round video using main camera.

• Show download progress.

• Quick switch between chats through the quick bar.

• Show user messages and media in group chat.

• Show/hide mute/unmute button from channels.

• More than 10 different bubbles and checks designs.

• Hide mobile number from navigation menu drawer and settings menu.

• Show username instead of mobile number in navigation menu.

• Easily switch to night mode from navigation menu.

• Show/hide options from navigation menu.

• Use phone emojis.

• Use phone font.

• Save and restore Plus settings.

• Chat counter.


2.Telegram X

Instant messaging — simple, fast, secure, and synced across all your devices.

An alternative Telegram client based on TDLib, with higher speed, slicker animations and experimental features.

Telegram X is Also one of the Greatest of all these Telegram Mods



This Telegram Brother is Based On Crypto Currencies and Blockchain

iMe Messenger is an unofficial Telegram API based client with Crypto Wallet

iMe Messenger & Crypto Wallet is a multifunctional client, powered by API Telegram with built-in tools, Artificial Intelligence, Crypto Wallet and Blockchain. 

Multifunctional, Fast, Confidential, Cloudy, Secure, Financial.

The main development of the messenger is performed by the official client team, creating the most progressive and advanced messenger in the world.

The iMe team improves the functionality of the main client and also develops its own features:


• Connection of up to 5 accounts;

• Topics and folders for grouping chats;

• Advanced settings for tabs and folders;

• FAB-buttons settings for changing the standard Pencil;

• Automatic chat sorting by type, including the archive;

• Private albums in the Cloud;

• Music from your chats and device in a single section;

• Improved chats preview by long tap.


• Multipanel in chats;

• Messages sorting in chats and in the Cloud;

• Side menu customization;

• Customization of context menu of messages;

• Wide posts and hiding the bottom panel in channels;

• Collapsible posts;

• Filters for contacts and group members;

• Camera selection before recording video messages;

• Confirmation of calls, sending GIF and stickers.


• Multi-forwarding messages with options, including without author, as well as cross accounts;

• Multi-responses in groups;

• Translation of incoming and outgoing messages;

• Taking out text from photos and images descriptions;

• Translation of voice messages up to 1 minute into text;

• Adding reactions and buttons with links to messages;

• Installing an animated sticker or GIF on your video avatar;

• Neurobot assistants offering quick answers in the form of phrases and GIFs;

• Deleting service messages in your groups and channels;

• Shifting to the beginning of the chat;

• Clearing the cache once a day, separately in chats and in the archive;

• iMe settings backup to the Cloud.


• Crypto wallet for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain accounts for storing, purchasing and transferring cryptocurrencies;

• Large selection of cryptocurrencies and tokens (ETH, USDT, LIME, BNB, BUSD, LINK, WBTC, MATIC, OKB, LIT, etc);

• Transfers to public addresses, by QR-code, by user ID and directly inside chats;

• Switching between ERC20 / BEP20 networks and exchange bridge;

• DeFi and staking programs;

• Simplex integration for safe purchases of cryptocurrencies via bank cards;

• Decentralized exchange via Uniswap and Pancakeswap.

iMe Telegram app has Lots of Functionality

User authorization, transmission and storage of data occurs through servers of the official client.

Confidentiality and security are fully ensured by the official client.

Write to their support team if you have any wishes, questions or complaints.



Messaging app that using Telegram API, masterminded to the smallest detail.


• Create your own chat tabs with icon support from png.

• Direct chats: you can make new folder and set it as Direct chats, which will be shown in sidebar and as a tab.

• Batch actions with chats (mark read, delete, etc.) and contacts.

• Auto-merge your messages sent in a row.

• Confirmation of sending audio, video messages, GIFs, stickers.

• Change interface fonts with viewing and setting ttf from chat.

• Hidden chats with telegram password protection and fingerprint login.

• Auto-selecting proxy based on ping and connection speed.

• Built-in TOR.

• Forward messages without quoting, with editing, or adding caption to media.

• Copy part of the message.

• Improved formatting panel (with quote and reply to selected phrase).

• Create links in two clicks.

• Increase the limit of pinned chats to 100.

• All types of shared media in the profile.

• Photo in chat for the entire width of the screen.

• Hide bottom panel in channels.

• Search button in each chat.

• Save to cloud and Edit buttons next to chat messages.

• Copy links and usernames by click.

• Reply and save to the cloud (in channels) swipe left, forward swipe right.

• "Forward and delete original messages," save selection after multi forward, "etc.

• Quick access to functions by long tap on various interface elements.

• Fast selection (in 3 clicks) of message groups and batch actions (save to cloud, copy links).

• Long tap actions in searching results: on chat avatar — copy username, on message — copy link to message.

• Search for replies to your messages on all chats (long tap on search button in the main screen).

• Create a link to a user profile without username.

• Mention by name (without @) with custom text.

• Search for replies to a message and user messages in a group.

• Users view group administrator rights.

• Convenience to manage the group: clean from deleted, access to the avatar hold log, buttons in the profile, items in the context menu, batch forwarding from the log.

• Backup settings with sending to the cloud

• Export a list of links to all tab chats.


Bestgram uses Telegram’s API and also has some additional features for you. You can see these extra features below.

• Multi Forward: Edit and send messages to your friends at the same time.

• Hidden Chats: Hide your private messages where only you can access.

•Contacts Changes: Find out about your friends’ profile changes right away.

• Tabs: Organize your chats and keep your main page tidy.

• Profile Name Designer: Take your profile page appearance to the next level with an awesome new name.

• First Message: Remember what was your first chats with someone.

• Fonts & Themes: Customize the app appearance as you like.

• ID Finder: Type a username, find and chat with him/her.


6.Rugram Messenger

Fast and simple messenger

Rugram cool because they 

•Don't record data on a server

•Default VPN 

• Encrypt calls

•Completely free

Updated version of the popular messenger with built-in proxy and VPN & MTProto & Socks



This is a kind of blog that allows you to interact with the audience. Channels are similar to social media publicity, but use them as a personal blog, as a newswire, to promote business and other goals


Developers can create bots that manage programs. These bots respond to specified commands in personal correspondence, channels and large chats


This is a separate type of "regular" chat, where you can add a large number of users and communicate with them. All users can create groups. For better management of a group, the creator can assign administrators and define their functions

Cloud storage

Store files weighing up to 2GB per file for free


Stickers are pictures that can be uploaded as part of a thematic package and inserted into a chat room. It is possible to create your own stickers through a special bot

Secret chat

Secretive chat rooms keep your correspondence private and allow you to communicate safely on any topic. A secret chat is deleted after 24 hours, you cannot take screenshots of it

Two-factor authentication

You can bind your account to a mobile number to protect it from intruders. Now you have to confirm the login to another device through your mobile number

Setting a password for an application

If you need to protect your correspondence from enemies, you can set a password or unlock by fingerprint or face recognition

Calls (Voice call)

Stable, high-quality audio calls that are not intermittent, work very well with a good internet connection

Voice messages

Record voice messages and send them to your friends. There is an X2 function, which will play the voice message twice as fast


Large selection of standard topics. You can choose blue, light or night. If you don't like the standard set, you can easily create a custom theme you like

Animated stickers

New feature that allows you to create and send animated stickers


Messenger is available on all possible platforms, including Linux. You can use it without downloading it, but by opening online web telegrams


A new feature that allows you to create chats attached to a specific GEO position. You can create a chat museum, supermarket, school, residential complex, etc. Users who are at this GEO location will be able to find these chats through a special section

Chat Archiving

If you are prevented by old correspondence in the tape, but you want to keep it - just archive it in a separate section and it will not catch your eye


The Durov brothers promised a $200,000 reward to anyone who could crack the code and read their correspondence. So far, no one has been able to do so.

Making its Code the Most Secure.


7.Zangi Messenger

Anonymous. No Trace. Fast.

It allows- Registration without phone number & without personal contact sharing. Protection from surveillance and account hacking.

No Data Logs - Your data is stored ONLY on your phone.

It has Military Grade Encryption - Texts, Files, Voice & Video calls are encrypted by the End-to-End AES-GCM 256 algorithm.

It's a Quality Build - Zangi works where other messenger apps don't. Minimized dependency from the speed of your internet connection. Enjoy Zangi even with 2G connection or crowded WiFi.



Boltgram is an unofficial messaging app that uses Telegram's API.

Boltgram is an unofficial messaging app that uses Telegram's API.

Why use Boltgram:

Continuous updates: In addition to the quick update of Boltgram to the latest version of Telegram in github, we have prepared attractive features for you that will be added to these continuous features.

•Download Manager, manage and schedule your downloads with a multi queue download manager.

•Support and customize any type of theme, telegram theme or Plus theme or Mobo theme.

•Voice changer, change your voice when send voice messages.

•Hidden section, hide your chats and contacts and set password or pattern lock for them.

•Lock chats, lock your chats and set password or pattern lock for them.

•Auto answer machine, send auto message to contact when you can't answer.

•Separated tabs for chats: users, groups, channels, bots, unread, admin/creator.

•Contact changes, can show contact changes like change name, avatar and phone in one page.

•Special contact, notify you when your special contact is online.

•Boltgram settings, you can customize your boltgram app in boltgram settings.

•ID Finder by writing down each person's username, talk to them or enter the channel or group of that username.

•Delete telegram account with one button.

•Forward messages without quoting. Edit message/caption before forwarding.

•Translate messages without sending. Edit and Translate message/caption before sending

•Professional proxy settings, Multi delete, share and copy. Sort by ping time.

•Smart connect to proxy by ping time.



OwlGram is an unofficial messaging app that uses Telegram's API.

OwlGram is an unofficial messaging app that uses Telegram's API.


You can quickly and easily change several aspects of the interface and the app icon by choosing one from the available ones.


They take great care to keep the interface clean and consistent with the official version of Telegram.


OwlGram is open source and the builds are verifiable to prove the app you download is built from the exact same source code that is published.


With All these Real Telegram Alternatives, You really don't need to Worry about What Telegram had Made Premium.

They Offer Twice as More Functionality. The Best Being that You can Use them With Your Existing Telegram Account 

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