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Twigamart.com Review: Is Twigamart Legit or Scam?


What is Twigamart ? Full Twigamart Website Review 

Well according to their website, Twigamart is a Social Media Marketing (SMM) Platform that Offers the Following Services.

1. Resellers SMM Panels 

2. Premium Forex Lessons

3. Premium Forex Bots

4. YouTube, Instagram and TikTok SMM

It was Launched on July 16th 2022.

Twigamart Also Offers Online Jobs for Earning Cash.

Is Twigamart Legit or scam

How do I Register for Twigamart Agencies?

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To Register for Twigamart, 

You fill in a from which Requires Your Name, User name, Email and Phone number, then You Click Register

Visit their Website Below.


How to Start Earning On Twigamart

There are several methods that you can use for Earning on Twigamart.

However, these are not clearly Outlined on there Website.

These Include

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How to make 1000 Kshs Monthly 

1. By Referrals where by You get to Earn 500 points.

 To join Twigamart, You need an Activation fee of Kshs 500

It Also Offers an Affiliate Program 

Where you earn when other join using your link up to level 3 as follows:-

Level 1 -KSH 250

Level 2 -KSH 150

Level 3 -KSH 50

In this Program, the more Referrals you make, the More agent Bonuses you earn.

2. By Watching YouTube Videos from Other Content Creators.

These Videos are Uploaded on a weekly Basis.

3.Spin and Win

Twigamart offers a gamified offer where Users can Play, Spin and Win Real cash after account Activation.

The Maximum win amount is Ks1000.

4. Twigamart also offers Social Media Followers Give Ways, these Include 500 Followers on Instagram on Signing Up. Free TikTok views and Free YouTube Views.

5.Trivia Quiz.

In this Section you earn by answering a Number of Random Questions, where by You get Rewarded after answering Correctly.

The Website Operates in Largely Africa, In Countries Including Kenya where it's Located, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania and Other Countries.

How does Twigamart Make Payments.

After Reaching the Withdrawal threshold, you can Withdraw your earnings to Paypal, Venmo, Cash app and Bitcoin.

Who owns Twigamart Agency?

As per my Research, Twigamart is based in Kenya

Is Twigamart Legit or scam Business

The Business has a pyramid scheme affiliate system which makes it Not Trustworthy. Engaging on Twigamart is a Risky Business

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  1. Nayigerageje irikwanga gufunguka vidio zayo

  2. Mbona haifungui nimesha lipia lakini sioni chochote

  3. My youtube hafanyi

  4. The withdrawal limit is nonesense even when you reach their threshold limit

  5. I tried it guys but it's not risky at all for more about Twigamart you can register https://twigamart.com/register.php?ref=caphus
    And Whatsapp me on for more http://wa.me/256704372731


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