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Working: Latest Droid VPN Settings 2024 All Networks


Working: Latest Droid VPN Settings 2023 All Networks

These are the Updated Droidvpn Settings, Now you should all know that you need to first Register for a Droidvpn Account here

After Registration, You can then Head Over to Playstore and Download the Droidvpn App here

After Installing the App, Launching the App and then Click the Menu

Once you’ve done that click on the three lines then click on settings and click on UDP settings.

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Now you need to set up your Droid VPN UDP settings just as follows:

Working: Latest Droid VPN Settings 2023 All Networks

Remote UDP port 53

Local UDP port 5353

Make sure the options listed below are checked or turned on:

UDP port testing

Auto port scan

Proceed and on UDP connection mode choose Mode 1

Now you need to set up UDP Mode 1 settings as follows:

TCount: 7

RCount: 14

Now click once on the back button and click on VPN connection settings then check the following:

Run as root

Using VPNServices API

Enable compression

Bypass VPN for local network

Just below Bypass VPN for LAN, click MTU Tunnel Size and enter 1024.

 Now you can connect to your Droid VPN and remember to set the protocol to UDP.

 Pick any random server and click the big round start button.

 It won't take long, be patient and you'll get the data for free.


Droid VPN has a daily of 300MBs, Incase you have Fallen in love with droid VPN, You can actually purchase a monthly Unlimited Plan

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