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How to avoid Getting a ban On TMWhatsapp


 TMWhatsapp is a mod that Provides you with Better Features than The Original Whatsapp.

How to avoid Getting a ban On TMWhatsapp

Recently WhatsApp has been Banning Numbers that are Using Modded WhatsApp Versions

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Below is A solution to Those People who are Using TMWhatsapp


1. Create a full chat backup (Settings >> Chats >> Chat backup). Do not use backups in TM Mods Apps.

2. Rename the TMWhatsApp data folder to avoid data loss.

Follow the steps below according to your Android phone version.

Android 11+

•Go to Internal storage:

• Choose folders android/media/com.tmwhatsapp

• Then Rename the folder com.tmwhatsapp folder to com.tmwhatsapp2

Android 5-10

•Go to Internal storage: 

•Go to TMWhatsApp

•Rename the TMWhatsApp folder to his TMWhatsApp2

3. Uninstall TMWhatsApp and restart your device/phone.

4. Go back to your phone's internal storage and rename the folder again. (com.tmwhatsapp2 to com.tmwhatsapp or TMWhatsApp2 to TMWhatsApp). 5. Install a new copy of TMWhatsApp version 8.50, register your number, verify your SMS, restore your chats and you're good to go.


Carefully follow the instructions above: 

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