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How to Register for the Airtel Money Merchant Account

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How to Register for the Airtel Money Merchant Account


Understanding Airtel Money Merchant Paying.

The Airtel Money Merchant as Defined by AIRTEL

"Is a new service that enables Airtel Money subscribers to pay for goods and service using Airtel Money instead of exchanging cash for such purchases.

The service enables both parties immediately confirm these proximity payments via text message (e-receipt) that is sent to both subscriber and seller of the goods/service. No relationship between the buyer and the organization or account number is required".

Airtel Merchant Pay

Disadvantages of Paying using Physical Cash.

How does the entire thought of getting cash straightforwardly from individuals( clients) is troublesome, check the instances of getting messy stained cash notes, extortion of phony cash notes, and the flex of searching for a change. Truly, the new plan of action of Airtel Money Merchant paying has Come to Save the Local People from all this Hustle.

It has come to Make Cashless Transactions a reality in Uganda.

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Airtel Money Merchant paying is a mode of conducting business that permits customers to use Airtel Money to pay for the goods and services offered by the Merchant(businessman). The mode of payment is fast, secure,Free and instant since the transfer of money from one party to another is done without physically touching the money but always the merchant gets a notification confirming the payment immediately through SMS

Interestingly, merchant paying is not a new thing. Back in the days, it was only limited to the banking sector in the acceptance of cards like Visa, and MasterCard. Recently, Airtel Money Merchant paying was introduced in other sectors like pharmacies, churches, restaurants, petrol stations, Kiosks and supermarkets not forgetting our local shops.

So, how does a customer use Airtel Money Merchant pay?

To initiate a payment, Simply dial *185*9#. Input the merchant ID number, enter the amount of money you intend to pay then lastly confirm your payment using your Airtel money PIN.

The Other Smart Way is by Using the Airtel Money App Available on Playstore.

Now, how does the merchant get his money? Good enough, after the customers confirm their payments, the merchant gets a notification via SMS with details of the transaction.

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Merchants get their funds through banks or an Airtel money agent. With a bank, the merchant can send the money to the bank via the merchant mobile menu on their phones or issue a standing order to Airtel to send money to the preferred bank then the merchant gets their money from the bank.

For agents, merchants dial *185*2# on their merchant phone, enter the amount PIN, and the agent dials *185*3# select merchant Dispersion, enter merchant secret code and enter a PIN.

Is the Airtel Merchant Pay Service Safe ?

Airtel Money Merchant paying is safe for buyers to always make payments, and merchants always receive a confirmation to notify them about the amount of money that has been paid by the customers.Feel free to use it as you enjoy the new business world.

The Whole Service when paying for Goods and Services is Free.

What do You think about this New Airtel Merchant Pay Service.

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