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What is the NSSF Smart Card? Everything You need to Know.


 What is the NSSF Smart Card? Everything You need to Know.

Uganda's National Social Security Fund in organization with Visa and Centenary Bank uncovered a three-in-one government managed retirement shrewd card that implants NSSF usefulness, bank usefulness, and an unwaveringness program, the first of its sort in East Africa.

Nssf Smart Card

What is the NSSF Smart Card?

The NSSF Smart card is a participation card connected to Centenary Bank's installment framework that upholds portable exchanges, specialist banking, ATM, POS, Interbank moves, and Internet banking. The card is chip and pin empowered and gave to new and existing individuals on request. It is likewise connected to the part's ledger held in Centenary Bank to help convenient advantage installments at the point the part is leaving the Fund.NSSF individuals can do the accompanying with the Smart Card;

NSSF Account: Withdraw your NSSF investment funds upon capability for any advantage, make commitments to the deliberate investment funds plan, use it for part recognizable proof at a NSSF thus significantly more.

Financial balance: Deposit cash from different sources and pull out cash from your NSSF Smart Life ledger, cover bills, make exchanges on the web, at an actual retail location, or pull out at an ATM machine.

Reliability Benefits: The NSSF Smart Card qualifies you for astounding limits on chosen administrations and items at accomplice shipper outlets. Our rundown of vendors is growing to cover more items and services.The Smartcard is a more utilitarian overhaul of the prior participation cards recently gave by the Fund. With the new card, the Fund is changing from standard overlaid cards to a useful Chip and PIN plastic card, that upholds different exchanges, gives individuals admittance to customized steadfastness offers, and supports the quicker installment of NSSF advantages to qualifying individuals. This card likewise bears the innovation to empower future item advancements.

It is worth focusing on the card is comprised of two unmistakable items; the NSSF Debit Smart Card and the NSSF Prepaid Smart Card. Here are the fundamental distinctions between the Debit and Prepaid NSSF Smart Card;

How Does the NSSF Smart Card Work?

The NSSF Debit Card is dealt with as though it is a financial balance and joined to a NSSF Smart Life Account open at any branch, specialist point, CenteMobile, and ATM. Your installments towards getting out the obligations are considered as stores and can be completed utilizing cash at a Centenary Branch or specialist point, ATM, wire move, versatile banking, check, and any satisfactory method for store. What is remarkable with this card is that the shrewd card is given for nothing however draws in cutthroat charges when a part executes.

Necessities for Acquiring NSSF Smart Card

•Client's NSSF number

•Uganda National ID

•One Passport photo

•Card starting equilibrium of UGX 20,000 for a check card and UGX 50,000 for a Prepaid card.

How to Register for the NSSF Smart Card?

Individuals can apply for the NSSF Smart card today;

By finishing up the get back to me structure on the NSSF site.

Visiting any NSSF or Centenary bank offices/Branches countrywide.

You can Register Online Here

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