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Wire Tun VPN review: Unlimited Connection WIRE TUN VPN REVIEW: UNLIMITED AND FREE INTERNET ACCESS Wire Tun VPN is the Latest In the VPN industry. Been Around for two Years now, Wiretun has become untouchable. It's the Best in the Free Internet Space Now How to set Up Wire Tun VPN This VPN is Supported Worldwide. Based on Feedback from Users around the World. Wire Tun Developer had added a ton of Countries that Wire Tun VPN can be used to access Free Internet. Which Protocol Does Wire Tun Use Wire Tun uses the TCP Protocol code names Punch Hole to navigate and Give Free Internet Connection on some Internet Service Providers. What is TCP? TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol a communications well known that enables utility applications and computing devices to alternate messages over a community. It is designed to send packets throughout the net and make sure the a success transport of records and messages over networks. How to Connect on Wire Tun VPN To Use Free Internet On wire Tun VPN Just Select a server and Press Connect, importantly buy a small Package of Data. This Helps in Fetching the default Configurations which are Hosted Online, Then in Servers, Choose any Optimised There’s no need for Any Configuration Files Enjoy wire Tun VPN How to Add time On Wire Tun VPN Since We all know that The VPN is Supported By ads, You have to Watch an advert to Add more Connection time. The New Wire Tun VPN now has an Auto Add time Feature making it a bit easier to Add Time now How many Servers Does Wire Tun VPN have? In the Beginning, Wire Tun had a few Severs, But with Continued Support from the Free Internet Community.It has added several servers.Wire Tun VPN is Faster than Ever. Wire Tun VPN is here to Stay, Give you free Internet and Protect Your Privacy.


  • It has Several servers
  • Protects your Privacy
  • Gives Access to Free Internet
  • Unlimited Connection


  • Maybe Slow In Some cases
  • It Doesn't Support Facebook
  • Too Many Ads

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