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What is the Chipper Cash Card and How to Get it in Uganda 

This is the digital version of the Visa Card, which is accessible through the Chipper App.

How to get the Chipper Card in Uganda

From the Chipper Cash App, you may just click to acquire the Card. Except for Uganda, only other countries have had access to this function. You can take use of it now that it is available.

You can pay for your online purchases and subscriptions on overseas sites using the Chipper USD Card. You can use your Chipper Card on websites like Netflix, Amazon, Shopify, Apple Music, Alibaba, Fashion Nova, and Shein, to mention a few, for either business or pleasure.

What Benefits Does the Chipper Card Offer?

•Enables Global shopping

Anywhere Visa cards are accepted online, use your Chipper Card. 

• Allows you toBudget Effectively

•Limit spending by only using the

amount uploaded to your card

Digitally Native

A digital card for your digital life

•Spending Money Wisely

Limit your spending to the amount that has been placed onto your card.

•Electronic Native

An electronic card for your electronic life

How to Make a Card Claim

Here's how to activate your virtual Chipper Card in under 2 minutes:

How to claim your Chipper Card

•Select "Card" from the Chipper app's menu.

•Choose "Claim Card."

•After providing the necessary information, click "Looks Good!"

•Press "Continue."

•Your Chipper Card for "looking good" is prepared to use!

How Do You Fund A Chipper Card?

It's simple to fund your card on Chipper. To add Funds to it, Please follow the procedures below.

How to Add Funds to your Chipper Card

•Select "Add Funds From Chipper Wallet" under the "Card" tab.

•Type in the desired amount.

•Choose "Add Funds."

•Your wallet will be charged and your Chipper Card balance credited.

Most Significant thing is that Your card can be Hidden by a click of a button 

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