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Top Ten Open Source Apps that You need Right Now


Top Ten Open Source Apps that You need Right Now Available on Github, F-Droid and Playstore.

These Apps Provide More Functionality, free from Trackers, The Reason as to why they are Free and Open Source is for Transparency. Feel free to try them and Leave Your Feedback.

Top Ten Open Source Apps that You need Right Now Available on Github, F-Droid and Playstore.


1. Birday

2. Best Before - Expiry date Tracker.

3. TC Slim

4. Block Ads

5. Bromite

6. Simple Login

7. Bitwarden

8. AntennaPod

9. Geometric Weather

10. Dark Mode Live Wallpaper

11. Super Retro Mega Wars

1. Birday

A birthday supervision App for Your Smartphones. 

The plan of this App is to make managing events and remembering them simple, easy, and successful. 

The app includes an preface, some elementary customisation settings, and some fresh stuff like animated vector drawables and the bus- dark/ bus- light theme. Updates and support are promised! 

Key Features 

 • It can help you flash back every birthday in the moment you prefer! 

 • It will save Your storage because it's a small App

• It's beautiful, full of robustness and easy to use! 

2. Best Before - Expiry date Tracker.

This App is A great Food Tracker, It helps You and Reminds You of Food Expiry dates.

It’s time to manage your food efficiently with Best Before – food expiration date Tracker, shopping list maker. This expiration date Tracker, grocery list home force organizer tracks the whole lifecycle of your food products in one app.

3. TC Slim

Tracker Control Slim is an App to Snoop on Apps that steal Your Precious user Data. This App Employs. A list of Trackers Curated by Firefox to detect suspicious Activity.

Note:According to Google's Play Store Policy, this version of TrackerControl does not block tracking.

According to Google's Play Store Policy, this version of TrackerControl does not block tracking.

It does the Tracking by Employing the VPN feature on Your Phone.

Additionally, TrackerControl detects tracker libraries in apps using ClassyShark3xodus/Exodus Privacy signatures and analyzes tracker libraries in app code.

4. Bromite

Bromite app helps users to browse websites, blogs and all internet content. Ad blocking and secure privacy enhance your browsing experience. As we all know, we spend most of our time surfing in all parts of the world, so browsing things easily is essential.

A lot of time has passed in this form, so we have to deal with it and improve the functionality and feasibility to improve the quality experience.Improve the performance of the system at lightning speed you need something to support your system.

5. Simple Login | Anti Spam

SimpleLogin is an open source solution for securing your email inbox. You can quickly create random e-mail addresses (aka aliases). E-mail sent to the alias will be forwarded to your personal e-mail address.

Key Features

• Manage Aliases:

Create/edit/delete and enable/disable aliases.

• Contact management:

Create a contact and send an email from an alias.

• Mailbox management:

Create/delete/set default mailbox.

• Share extension:

Create an alias without leaving your browser.

• Secure login with two-factor authentication (2FA). • Self-hosted support:

This application can be used with its own SimpleLogin instance.

6. Bitwarden

With Bitwarden, You can Manage, store, backup and share unlimited passwords on unlimited devices from anywhere. Bitwarden provides an open source password management solution for everyone, whether at home, work or on the go.

Generate strong, unique and random passwords based on the security requirements of each frequently visited website.

Bitwarden Send sends encrypted information (files and plaintext) quickly and directly to anyone.

7. AntennaPod

AntennaPod is a podcast manager and player that gives you instant access to millions of free and paid podcasts from independent podcasters to major publishers like BBC, NPR, CNN and more. Easily add, import, and export feeds using the iTunes podcast database, OPML files, or simple RSS URLs.

Download, stream, or queue episodes and enjoy them the way you like with adjustable playback speed, chapter support, and a sleep timer.

8. Geometric Weather.

Geometric Weather is a lightweight and powerful weather app that provides real-time temperature, air quality, 15-day weather forecast and accurate timeshare trends.

Geometry Weather offers a beautiful material design interface, global weather data, automatic dark mode, 15-day and 24-hour summary data, powerful desktop widgets, weather notifications and forecasts, alarm information, multiple UI styles, live weather wallpaper.

9. Dark Mode Live Wallpaper.

It is a live wallpaper for Android 10+ that supports dark mode.

This app allows you to set an image for light design mode and a different image.

for dark theme.

Wallpaper is displayed when system dark theme is enabled or disabled

changed automatically.

You can also adjust the color, contrast, and color instead of another image.

Brightness to darken the existing background image.

You can choose different images for your home screen and lock screen.

10. Super Retro Mega Wars

Welcome to Super Retro Mega Wars!

Play against friends, each playing a different game to compete against each other. Scoring points in a game hinders every other game in its own way.

His six different single and multiplayer versions of his games based on classic retro titles.

No ads. No in-game purchases. Only retro games and good times.

11. Rethink: DNS + Firewall

A firewall app that monitors network activity, blocks malware, and modifies DNS.

Why You need it ?


Protects against DNS tampering commonly used to censor websites, social media, and messaging apps.

View the network activity of installed apps and allow them to be disabled, uninstalled or firewalled.


Your first line of defense against spyware, ransomware, and malware that steals your identity and takes over your accounts.


DNS servers are deployed in over 200 locations around the world to ensure your internet is as fast and highly available as possible.


Open source and no tracker.

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