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What is MTNmore?


MTNmore is a new platform in Uganda that allows you to connect with your favorite brands, discover new products and services, and earn rewards just for participatinHow does it work?

How do I Join MTNMore?

You can Join MTNMore By Registering Using this Link

MTNmore is a points-based system. You earn points by participating in surveys, engaging with brands, and exploring the platform. You can then redeem your points for prizes and rewards.

What are the benefits of using MTNmore?

There are many benefits to using MTNmore. Here are just a few:

• You can earn rewards for free.

• You can discover new products and services.

• You can connect with your favorite brands.

• You can help shape the future of MTNmore.

• You can have fun!

Who can use MTNmore?

MTNmore is available to all MTN customers in Uganda.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply visit the MTNmore website and sign up for an account. Once you have created an account, you can start earning points right away.

What are some of the rewards I can earn?

There are a variety of rewards available, including:

* Airtime

* Data

* Devices

* Vouchers

* Experiences

How do I redeem my points?

Once you have earned enough points, you can redeem them for rewards on the MTNmore website.

What are some of the brands I can connect with on MTNmore?

There are a variety of brands available on MTNmore, including:

* Banks

* Insurance companies

* Telecom companies

* Retail stores

* Restaurants

* Entertainment companies

How can I get involved in shaping the future of MTNmore?

MTN is always looking for ways to improve MTNmore. You can help us by providing feedback and suggestions.

How can I stay up-to-date on the latest MTNmore news?

You can follow MTNmore on social media or sign up for their newsletter.

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