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The Most Recommended Traffic Bots for Websites without Adsense

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The Most Recommended Traffic Bots for Websites without Adsense


Get Web Traffic with Bots for Adsense Approval


Traffic bot is any non-human traffic that visits a website. In recent years there has been a massive surge in online bot traffic thanks to the improvement in artificial intelligence and automated services. With more and more bots being launched onto the internet every single day. Bot traffic can be defined as any online internet traffic that is not generated by a human. This usually means the traffic comes from some kind of automated script or computer program that is made to save a user the time of doing all the tasks manually. Although these bots try to mimic human behavior, they are most certainly not human or even next to human behavior.

Bot traffic

In this Article I am Providing Two web Traffic Bots all Available on Playstore

1.Fingler Traffic Bot

2.Web Traffic bot

Read the do's and Don'ts of The Fingler Traffic Bot

Please this a reminder to all users. Do not use any traffic tools in this app for websites that contain 'Adsense' ads because there

a posible your account will suspended or

banned.. If you use 'koruruz tools' or traffic

exchange' for the shortining link beware

because there posible your account also



Please use this Tool for Gaining Traffic to a Blogger website so that You can get approved.

This is a do it at your own Risk Venture.

Safety Exchange

For the safety of exchange link. The User must

not login credintial information include

bank account or social media account,

that show in exchange area. If you think there something wrong on link please click report link section at top menu.

Exchange Ratio

Ration is 1:1, once you visit other user

link you can earn 1 point per link. points is

required in order to visible your website in

our list.

Account Disabled

Once your account disabled your website link

will not visible in our list, in that case your

website not gain views from other user.

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Account Banned

Once your account is banned you cannot enable again.. This will happen when user

using illigal purchase or uknown purchase.

Enable Account

If your account is disabled due not following

our link standard. Go to Edit Account and

change your website link in order to enable


Allowed Links

Blogspot, YouTube, Facebook link etc. 

Your website should be User Friendly.

The Following links are Not Allowed Link

Adult website, Illegal pornography, Harmful script, Illegal drugs websites, phishing site.

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