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Who is Charles Olim aka Sipapa


Who is Sipapa? A deep Look into the mysterious life of crime-prone socialite with Special Forces Command Security.

Sipapa real names Olim Charles rose to fame for his lavish lifestyle and active involvement in the entertainment industry. He own Sipapa Entertainment, a group of various artistes from around Uganda, and quite a number of properties including a fleet of personalized cars.


Local socialite Charles Olim aka Sipapa, at some point stormed the headquarters of the National Unity Platform (NUP)/People Power in Kamwokya and fired bullets and teargas that allegedly left some NUP and Robert Kyagulanyi supporters with injuries.

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A video that has been widely shared on social media shows NUP supporters with what appears to be injuries sustained from bullets that were allegedly fired by Sipapa.

Voices in the video accuse Sipapa of working with police from whom they say he obtained a gun and teargas. The video also shows bullet holes in the metallic gate of the NUP headquarters.

Sipapa is no stranger to violence and crime as pictures have emerged showing that he was once involved in some robberies.

But the latest incident has sent a chill down the spines of many Ugandans especially considering reports that he received police protection from the scene of crime.

Some people now fear that Sipapa might have gotten his power from some powerful government officials.

This link comes against the background that Sipapa met with President Museveni in October last year.

Source of wealth

Though his Source of Wealth is Not Clear

Officially, Sipapa is a music promoter and once owned a studio and a bar in Mutungo.

Rumour has it that Sipapa got his money by robbing a rich Mzungu. Others say he carries out daring robberies and has also allegedly been caught on fences of some rich people, He was also Once Reported as a dealer in cars Stolen From the UK.

However, like all socialites, the son of Lango, lives large. He moves in a convoy that includes powerful vehicles like Mercedes Benz Cross Country, Land Cruiser V8 and several other vehicles accompanied by several motorcycles.

Some of Sipapa’s cars do not possess number plates (V8) and he has been on the watch-list of the traffic police for a long time. His luck ran out today at around 11:00am when he was stopped by traffic police at William Street who immediately ordered him out of his car.

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Those who live around Mutungo, where he frequents, say that although he owns big cars, he usually moves in a Super Custom.

Usually, wherever he moves, Sipapa is surrounded by jobless youth, from Kasokoso slums near Kinawataka.

He has been on Uganda’s social scene for relatively long although he moves rather secretively. For example unlike other socialites such as Bad Black, Zari Hassan or Brian White, Sipapa does not invite media to witness his generous moments.

Sipapa’s celebrity Relationships

Sipapa is a polygamous man. He is also singer Serena Bata’s lover. But the crime prone-socialite has also been connected to several relationships with underage girls

Sipapa got into trouble with the parents of one of his current stable wives known as Sasha Shamira. Reports indicate that Shamira’s father at one time wanted to finish off Sipapa for dating his underage daughter.

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